28th November 2013 Olivier

MVP Summit 2013 : The return

Last week the second MVP Summit of 2013 was held at the Microsoft campus .

Normally in there only one per year but this year it to had a second shot after the February one. The Summit was usually held in February but, for the product teams, it wasn’t an ideal time. Hence the idea to it in November, which is better for the teams. And also for us, as they will have more to share!

In contrast to the Summit of February, which was disappointing,  this one was simply excellent! I’m not the only one to think so, the general consensus is that this one was among the best ever. We were offered a very competitive price (Around $ 150) for a Surface 2 35 Gb. good surprise!

The Summit being NDA, I am not going to share what I’ve learnt but I can say this: If you are a WinRT developer, don’t be afraid for the future of the platform. There are huge stuffs that will happen, both for Windows and for Windows Phone. Believe me, keep developing for WinRT, you will not regret it!

Life at the Summit.

Basically, it’s happening at 3 locations. Hyatt Bellevue, Microsoft campus and somewhere in Seattle for the party.

Bellevue is a beautiful town… when it’s not raining. It is pretty wild in the surrounding area, we find ourselves quite quickly in the mountains or in a forest.


                                        Bellevue                                                          From my room, Hyatt 24th floor.

                                                                                     Bellevue Square MS Store

At the Hyatt, there are registration, Showcase, Welcome Reception

  •  The showcase : it is 2 hours in the evening, the day before the Summit. This is to let MVPs that want the opportunity to show one of their realization. The WP MVPs went full force with Samuel Blanchard (for his console emulator), Rudy Huyn (Lumia wall at the Build) and Joost van Schaik for the WP Week.


                                                                                            The showcase


Eating healthy !

  • The welcome reception: Evening that allows to meet the MVP leads


  • The PG  evening : To the Commons (the place where the restaurants are): meeting with the PG (product group)



  • Campus : sessions and PG Evening (roughly, it is at the same locations as during the Build 2012 : buildings 33 and 92).


The campus welcomes MVP

MS Commons, shops and restaurants

BOX One were given in advance to the XBOX Core Team !

  • The party: This year, the Seattle Aquarium has been overrun by the MVP ! There were distribution of tickets to the Ferris wheel side. Also, all kinds of activities: casino, tattoo (temporary, it is not The Hangover ;)), cartoons,…Guides of the aquarium were also there to comment.




Not to mention the crazy photo booth ( a classic at MVP evening)

I will not give name. Just they are French and amongst them are : Cyril C., Nathanaël M., Nathalie B. and, last but not least, Rudy H.


The Summit is THE benefit of the MVP, the event we all are waiting for. It gives the opportunity to make contacts with other enthusiasts, as well as with teams products, put a face to a name… It justifies the MVP program by itself.
Question atmosphere, imagine 1500 geeks lurking on campus! It is indescribable.

Many thanks to the MVP program, all those who organized the Summit and Martine, the francophone lead MVP. And see you in a year!

(To the manager of the MVP program: If you want to make two per year, suit yourself…)

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