Sharing files in Windows 10

Apr 20

There is a new way of sharing files in Windows 10. You can still share with the Share Contract, but there is also a way to share using a token. The principle : An application add one of its file to its shared file list. It receive a token for that file The application send […]..Read more

Playing with MS Band SDK

Apr 01

The Band SDK is out since a few weeks. Finally, I was waiting for it since I got the Band (Beginning of November, during the MVP Summit). I was a bit disappointed because you can’t write “real” Band app, but I understand. It is the first version of the device, I hope for the next […]..Read more

Autolayout with Fluentlayout

Mar 30

  I am currently developing some iOS app with Xamarin. I wanted to use Autolayout for the UI as it is the modern way. Besides, I like those “reactive” layout. Autolayout is not the most intuitive (at least for me ) so I was looking for something to make it easier. I found this, Fluentlayout. […]..Read more

Xamarin Forms behaviors

Mar 08

A new thing in Xamarin Forms 1.3 is the behaviors. The behaviors are a kind of super attached property. You can see it as a independent reusable functionality you can add to existing controls as you want. You don’t need to subclass the control, it is just like a piece you clip on the control. […]..Read more

Import ResX to XLF

Dec 31

I used the Multilingual Tool on a project, but the team sent me the translations not in the xlf file but in a resx file. I didn’t found any tool that could import the values from the resx into the xlf. After some search on the internet, I found some code in a forum that […]..Read more

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