Detecting Continuum mode

Dec 27

One of the specific feature of W10M, unmatched by other mobile OS is Continuum. What is the Continuum? Basically, this is a feature of some Windows 10 Mobile phones (the Lumia 950 and 950XL, for instance) that turns the phone into a sort of mini PC. It is a way to add secondary screen via a dock […]..Read more

Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this client (yy)

Sep 30

  J’ai eu dernièrement ce message d’erreur très explicite (il semble qu’écrire des messages cryptiques fasse partie du cahier des charges maintenant) : “Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this client (yy)”. L’erreur vient du fait que le ADB utilisé par Genymotion n’est pas le même que celui utilisé par Xamarin (qui est celui […]..Read more

Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this client (yy)

Sep 30

I recently had this very explicit error message (he seems write cryptic messages is part of the specification now): “Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this customer (yy)”. The error comes from the fact that the ADB used by Genymotion is not the same as that used by Xamarin (which is installed with the Android […]..Read more

DEP 0600 while deploying a Windows Phone app

Aug 21

A stupid thing that happened to me several times and, because of the cryptic message, makes me lose time. It is the VS error message “ ” Error DEP0600 Can not deploy or debug it device “. ” It may come with a very explicit “Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and […]..Read more

DEP0001 : Unexpected Error:–2145615869 while deploying on Hololens

Jun 19

I have sometimes (read : often) the following error when I deploy an app on HoloLens : DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -2145615869 It is VS that “lost” the connection to Hololens. The only way I found to fix this error is to restart VS. Convenient… To avoid getting this error too often, and since it […]..Read more

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