Use SimpleStub as mocking framework for UWP unit testing

Mar 14

I looked lately for UWP mocking framework. You can’t say there are lot of choices. Mainly from the fact that there is no way to dynamically generate classes (as most of the framework mocking frameworks do). Therefore, you have to use another way. Like creating mock classes during the build phase. I stumbled upon an open source […]..Read more

Create NDepend rules with technical debt

Mar 10

Following the article on technical debt in NDepend, I thought it would be good to show that you can create yourself custom rules with a value for technical debt. NDepend uses CQLinq to create its own rules. The language is based on the Linq (who would have though?), so it is familiar. As example, I will create […]..Read more

Calculating technical debt with NDepend

Mar 09

For once we leave development with a bit of devops (in the broad sense). NDepend (www.ndepend.com) is a great tool that allows quality control on the code. It does not scan the source code itself, but make an analysis of the executables or libraries generated. He gives us an amount of info, like complexity, graph […]..Read more

Calcul de technical debt avec NDpend

Mar 09

Pour une fois on quitte la programmation avec un peu de devops, au sens large. NDepend (www.ndepend.com) est un chouette outil qui permet de faire du contrôle qualité sur le code. Il n’analyse pas le source code lui-même, mais fait une analyse des exécutables ou librairies générées. Il nous donne une quantité d’infos, genre la […]..Read more

Barcodes on MS Band

Jan 03

Yes, I know: Microsoft has (it seems) dropped the Band (sad!). But as the article was 95% ready, I didn’t want throw it 🙂 There is a way to display a bar code on the Band. To do this, simply add a control of type BarCode (Surprise!) in a layout. This layout accepts the barcode type 39 and […]..Read more

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