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Windows Phone 8.1 Update Task

  Amongst the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight), there is a new background task : the Update Task. As the name suggest, it is a background task that is run when the application is updated. If you need to update some data, settings, etc… when you update your app, this is for you.   Implementing the Update Task I will show an example [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : Bokeh

One of the novelties of the Imaging SDK 1.1 is the Bokeh effect (Wikipedia). I’ll talk about the effect as such. For the use of masks (KernelMap), this will be for the next article. The Bokeh effect is a kind of blur, with “spots” whose shape depends on the lens shape. An image (two, actually, considering it’s a comparison) will [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : Bokeh Kernel map

  The previous article was talking about the Bokeh effect itself, here I’ll talk about the Kernel map that can be applied to it. Basically, a Kernel map is a grayscale mask. Each level corresponds to a Kernel (255 is reserved for focus: this part of the image will not be blurred). That is why there is a constructor of the LensBlurEffect class [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : BlendFilter

Another novelty of the Imaging SDK 1.1 is the Blend effect, which is to blending two images (No surprises here). To be precise, it is not mandatory to mix two images, you can just use a mask to an image fade effect An example from the documentation: The steps: Load the background image Load (or generate, in my example after) the mask Create a FilterEffect [...]

Windows Phone Company Hub : Checking version of installed apps

  This is a small folluw-up to my post about company hub. When getting the list of installed apps, it would be nice to know their version, so we could check if there is an upgrade and warn the user. There is indeed a way, and it is simple : just check the Id property on the package list you have. This property is a PackageId class where you can find [...]

No endpoints compatible with Silverlight 3 were found

Doing some Windows Phone 8 dev, I got a weird error some days ago. I was updating a WCF service reference when I got this : After breaking my head, the culprit was the Phone Toolkit (at least the version 4.2013.8.16). Just remove the Nuget package, update the reference then add the package again will do the trick. (more...)

Controlling Sphero using Windows Phone 8

  I went to the Bluetooth session at Build 2013 ( The session itself was so-so (only 30min, and not enough details for me) but we got a nice surprise at the end : the attendees (at least the firsts of them) will get a Sphero ! Sphero is a ball than can be controlled by Bluetooth. There are several [...]