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Windows Phone authenticated push notifications

  There are 2 limitation of the basic push notifications on windows phone : Limited to 500 notifications per day per subscription (which should be ok for most of us) Notification is not encrypted   If you want to lift those limitations, you need to use authenticated push notifications. There are 5 steps to follow : Buy a certificate Install the [...]

MIX11 (2)

I am back from MIX11 since one week, and it is time to think about what was (not) said there. At first, I was afraid that Silverlight would be put in a dead end because of HTML5 (Disclaimer : I just love Silverlight. Way more than HTML). After the first keynote (Which was in a way impressive with IE10 and HTML5, but very confused when it comes to the [...]

Magnificent 7

First of all, a happy new year to my beloved readers (If there is any).Quite a busy January,that explains the lack of updates. I was quite busy playing with the Windows Phone 7. Well, to be precise, playing with WP7 application development, as I don’t have a phone yet! (There are some rumour the mighty HTC Pro 7 will be out in a few days (27th [...]