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Just released two new app. If you’re into the promoro technique, this is for you ! Pomodoro free for Windows 8  Pomodoro free for Windows Phone 8 If you have 0.99$ to spare, there are ad free versions too 😉 (more...)

Controlling Sphero using Windows 8.1

  After the Windows Phone version, here is the Windows version ! As the commands are the same, I will only talk about configuration and connection. For the commands, check my WP8 blog post. First, you need at least Windows 8.1 preview, as it is the first version where you can use Bluetooth sockets in .NET. Configuration As usual, there will be some [...]

MetroEvenToCommand v2.1

Just a quick update of MetroEventToCommand. Now it has a “HandleEvent” property. When true, it will set the event to Handled (providing the event args support it). Exemple : If the eventarg doesn’t have an Handled property, it will just do nothing. That’s [...]

Design mode detection in WinRT

  Windows Phone 8 shares a lot with Windows 8. They both use the new WinRT runtime. But, as weird as it sounds, they have sometimes differences where you wouldn’t expect. Example, if you want to detect if you are in design mode (like in Blend our the VS designer) in Windows 8, you do : Windows.ApplicationModel.DesignMode.DesignModeEnabled While in [...]

Events and MVVM commands in Metro

  One of the biggest limitations for the MVVM pattern in Metro development is the lack of behaviors. I was quickly stuck because I didn’t found a way, using the MVVM pattern, to launch commands from control events like I used to do using MVVM Light event to command behavior. I was sad to hear not only there are not behaviors in WinRT, but it will [...]

WACK certification failure

  Some days ago, I sent an application to the Windows Store. It didn’t pass the WACK (Windows App Certification Kit), giving those errors : Crashes and hangs test   PASSED                App launch tests FAILED                 Crashes and hangs                                   • [...]

SQLite for Metro/Windows Store app

  If you write Metro/Windows Store app, there is a lot of chance you will need a DB. There is nothing out of the box (no SQL Compact 2012 WinRT) but hopefully we have now a viable alternative : SQLite.   Installation The installation is in two parts. The first is mandatory (Installation of the SQLite engine) and the second is not (a C# wrapper for [...]

Internet connection type detection in WinRT

  In my last post, I show how to detect the internet connection. Now let’s go one step further and add another information to that: the connection type. In lot of case, it is interesting to know if you are running on a Wi-Fi or cable connection (so probably unlimited or almost) or on mobile connection (most probably limited). This time, it is the [...]

Internet connection detection in WinRT

  After a small hiatus during summer, back to track! It is very common to have to know if the device your app is running has internet access and/or if that connection is cut/resumed. WinRT has a nice class, NetworkInformation , that help us dealing with those topics (and even more) If you want to know if you have an internet access, just call the GetConnectionProfiles [...]

Making a toast

Updated for Release Preview After Tiles, badges and raw, toast is the last kind of notification in Metro. Toast notifications are popups popping out on the screen (hence the name toast), showing some information (Image or text). You can dismiss them, let them timeout or, if you click on it, you go to the application that sent it. Toasts notifications [...]