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Customize default theme for Universal App 8.1

  Very busy days, just a small trick this time. You can customize easily the default theme for Universal app. The theme ressource is not showing in Blend, but you can find it in the Windows Kit directory: Check for c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Include\winrt\xaml\design\ . You will see two files : themeresources.xaml and Generic.xaml. [...]

Changing app theme on the fly with RequestedTheme

  Windows 8.1 (and WP 8.1 XAML and Universal apps) have this new XAML markup : ThemeResource To make it short, it is like the StaticResource but with a little bit of dynamism. If you change the theme at runtime, the property will be updated. A theme is just a resource dictionary with a specific key (Valid key, for Universal Apps are “Light” and [...]

Font not showing in Windows 8 app

A few weeks ago, I had to integrate some fancy fonts in an app. Out of the 10 fonts, 1 or 2 had some problem : they didn’t show on the screen. Instead I had the regular font. The problem was the family name. I checked the family name with the font installer software : So I put it in my C# like this : DestinationTextBox.FontFamily = new FontFamily("/Assets/Ming [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : Bokeh

One of the novelties of the Imaging SDK 1.1 is the Bokeh effect (Wikipedia). I’ll talk about the effect as such. For the use of masks (KernelMap), this will be for the next article. The Bokeh effect is a kind of blur, with “spots” whose shape depends on the lens shape. An image (two, actually, considering it’s a comparison) will [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : Bokeh Kernel map

  The previous article was talking about the Bokeh effect itself, here I’ll talk about the Kernel map that can be applied to it. Basically, a Kernel map is a grayscale mask. Each level corresponds to a Kernel (255 is reserved for focus: this part of the image will not be blurred). That is why there is a constructor of the LensBlurEffect class [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : BlendFilter

Another novelty of the Imaging SDK 1.1 is the Blend effect, which is to blending two images (No surprises here). To be precise, it is not mandatory to mix two images, you can just use a mask to an image fade effect An example from the documentation: The steps: Load the background image Load (or generate, in my example after) the mask Create a FilterEffect [...]

Imaging SDK 1.1 : Foreground Segmenter

Another novelty of the Imaging SDK 1.1 is the Foreground Segmenter. This is an effect that allows to choose the front and the background of an image via Annotations. Annotations are colors. There are two: one for the foreground and another for the background. The idea is as follows: define roughly, using these two colors, the foreground and the background [...]

Controlling Sphero using Windows 8.1

  After the Windows Phone version, here is the Windows version ! As the commands are the same, I will only talk about configuration and connection. For the commands, check my WP8 blog post. First, you need at least Windows 8.1 preview, as it is the first version where you can use Bluetooth sockets in .NET. Configuration As usual, there will be some [...]