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DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001

Just a (very) small post. Recently I met, when I started to try debug a Windows Phone app, this error at deploy error: DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001 It just means you have already the same application installed from the Store on your phone. And that, Visual Studio doesn’t like. Just uninstall it and everything will work [...]

Integrate Azure Search to Cortana

Cortana is amazing. But in some cases (a shop site, for example), an application as lots of data and they change often. It would be interesting if Cortana could search on these data, stored in the cloud. Azure Search is made for that. Then… what if we integrate Azure Search in Cortana? Azure Search, what is it ? Azure Search, a search service [...]

Integration of an application to Cortana

Windows 10 greatly improves Cortana, in particular by enabling an application to integrate with it. What I mean is now we can interact with an application in the interface of Cortana, without launching the application itself (you must create a background task. It is this task that Cortana will start and will interrogate) Of course, this is limited, [...]

I/O I²C with Windows 10 IoT, Raspberry Pi 2 and the temperature sensor BMP180

After playing with the very classic digital serial communication, let’s take a look at the I²C I²C ? But that is what the I²C? It is a communication protocol created by Phillips in the early 1980s. Among the drawbacks of the serial communication is the fact that it is asynchronous and participants should agree on transfer speed, therefore [...]

Digital I/O with Windows 10 IoT, Raspberry Pi 2 and the Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC – SR04

I finally had a little time to play with Windows 10 IoT and Raspberry Pi 2, I take this opportunity to share my experience. In this article, I will talk about the digital I/O. For the I2C and analogs I/O, this will be for next 2 articles. I wanted a sensor where I have also send date to show digital output. While searching through my components box, [...]

Impressions of HoloLens

I was at //build/ last week and I had the chance to get into the HoloLens Academy. What is the HoloLens academy? It is a course delivered by the HoloLens team. An introduction to development on HoloLens. The places were very limited and, as you can imagine, there was a rush. Everybody wanted to try those enigmatic glasses. I had problem registering, [...]

Sharing files in Windows 10

There is a new way of sharing files in Windows 10. You can still share with the Share Contract, but there is also a way to share using a token. The principle : An application add one of its file to its shared file list. It receive a token for that file The application send the token (using uri activation for instance. Or any other way you can imagine, [...]