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DEP0001 : Unexpected Error:–2145615869 while deploying on Hololens

I have sometimes (read : often) the following error when I deploy an app on HoloLens : DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -2145615869 It is VS that “lost” the connection to Hololens. The only way I found to fix this error is to restart VS. Convenient… To avoid getting this error too often, and since it happens mostly when the device enter [...]

vstest.console.exe tfs logger unauthorized access

I had a small problem a few days ago with my unit tests. I run them by hand with vstest.console.exe and sends it the direct relationship to VSTS using the /logger:TfsPublisher switch. Everything was fine until, suddenly, the drama. Unable to publish : vstest.console started to have a problem each time: “Error: Exception occurred while initializing [...]

Clipping XAML controls

For an application (RPG Dice) I had to make an animation where a text is “disapearing” when moving below a line. Like this : The problem is most of the control don’t clip their content. So, if we animate it, we got something like this : How do we clip, then? Well the solution is simple. FrameworkElement has a Clip property. It is a rectangle, [...]