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WCF RIA Security

I was playing a bit with WCF RIA lately. One of the first thing that came to my mind was “ok, this is cool. But how do I secure it?”. I will explain the basics of authentication (determining who the caller is) and authorization (determining what the caller can do). I will not explain how to create RIA services, as there are enough tutorials on the [...]

MIX11 (2)

I am back from MIX11 since one week, and it is time to think about what was (not) said there. At first, I was afraid that Silverlight would be put in a dead end because of HTML5 (Disclaimer : I just love Silverlight. Way more than HTML). After the first keynote (Which was in a way impressive with IE10 and HTML5, but very confused when it comes to the [...]

C# 5.0 : playing with Async CTP

Introduction After seeing the TechEd presentation about the future of C#, I couldn’t resist to play with the new C# stuff! So I turn my VMWare on and install the CTP on my test VM (From what I read in forum you can uninstall it clean, but better take some elementary precautions with early release stuff). The goal of the CTP is to show how it will [...]

MEF 101 : Part II (Silverlight)

Introduction In the part I, I talked about the basic of MEF. Now, I will show you some Silverlight-specific feature of that nice framework. When I was playing around, I wondered if there was an easy way to have a download on demand of the parts. In WPF, we can consider the parts are installed on the hard drive. With Silverlight, we have the internet [...]