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Customize default theme for Universal App 8.1

  Very busy days, just a small trick this time. You can customize easily the default theme for Universal app. The theme ressource is not showing in Blend, but you can find it in the Windows Kit directory: Check for c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Include\winrt\xaml\design\ . You will see two files : themeresources.xaml and Generic.xaml. [...]

Sharing files in Windows 10

There is a new way of sharing files in Windows 10. You can still share with the Share Contract, but there is also a way to share using a token. The principle : An application add one of its file to its shared file list. It receive a token for that file The application send the token (using uri activation for instance. Or any other way you can imagine, [...]

Playing with MS Band SDK

The Band SDK is out since a few weeks. Finally, I was waiting for it since I got the Band (Beginning of November, during the MVP Summit). I was a bit disappointed because you can’t write “real” Band app, but I understand. It is the first version of the device, I hope for the next ones, we will be able to do more. With this SDK, we can do 3 big [...]

Autolayout with Fluentlayout

  I am currently developing some iOS app with Xamarin. I wanted to use Autolayout for the UI as it is the modern way. Besides, I like those “reactive” layout. Autolayout is not the most intuitive (at least for me ) so I was looking for something to make it easier. I found this, Fluentlayout. As it is developed by the author of MvvmCross, I know [...]

Import ResX to XLF

I used the Multilingual Tool on a project, but the team sent me the translations not in the xlf file but in a resx file. I didn’t found any tool that could import the values from the resx into the xlf. After some search on the internet, I found some code in a forum that do what I need. (I couldn’t find the forum anymore, if you are the author, contact [...]

Could not load type in release mode (Xamarin)

I got a weird problem with a Xamarin Android app today. In debug mode, it works. In release, I have a weird exception “Could not load type System.Guid”. The problem is with the linker. Sometimes it “forget” to include some types. You can reproduce it in debug mode by copying the same linker release settings to the debug settings. Mainly : and With [...]

Enable Two-way binding with MVVMCross

  A quick tip. On a Xamarin Android project with MVVMCross, I had to make some binding on the DisplayedChild property of a ViewFlipper. I needed a two-way binding, but it didn’t work. After some reading, I understood how binding is working : – For one way binding, it uses Reflection to get the property (DisplayedChild in my case) – For [...]

Mobile Dev Day 2014

The story Back in 2013, some developers thought necessary to organize a new event. Something made BY developers, FOR developers. No marketing bullshit. Only technical sessions, with awesome speakers not afraid to put their hands deep into the code ! That’s how the Mobile Dev Day were born, a full-day of conferences dedicated to mobile & Microsoft [...]

HAXM / Genymotion installation on Surface Pro 2

Anyone who is doing Android development knows this : the emulators are slower than Java (which is a huge achievement). In order to have something useable, you can either install the Intel HAXM drivers and use the x86 images of the emulator, or install Genymotion emulators.   So I tried the HAXM drivers, but I got this message when I am installing it [...]

Fixing the “The OutputPath property is not set for this project” error

Some days ago, I suddenly had trouble compiling a Windows Phone project I am working on. I had this error at compilation :   “The OutputPath property is not set for this project” First thing, of course, I checked my output path the PCL project property/Build tab. It was correctly set.I quickly realized my PCL was in fact building good, [...]