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Windows Phone 8.1 Update Task

  Amongst the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight), there is a new background task : the Update Task. As the name suggest, it is a background task that is run when the application is updated. If you need to update some data, settings, etc… when you update your app, this is for you.   Implementing the Update Task I will show an example [...]

Fun with WP 8.1 Action Center

We finally have a Notification Action Center with Windows Phone 8.1, let’s see how we can get some action on it (pun more or less attended) A little recap on the Action Center : The toasts notifications will appear there. They will stay for 7 days maximum 20 notifications per app maximum (FIFO) For more detailed information, check this //build/ [...]

Awaitable WCF calls with TaskCompletionSource

  A nice little gem of the TPL is the TaskCompletionSource. It creates a Task you can control from outside the task. Example : I create a new TaskCompetionSource : var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource(); I get the Task from it : tcs.Task I can set the Task result this way : tcs.TrySetResult(true); You can set an exception like this : tcs.TrySetException(new [...]

Async/Await with WCF

A nice little feature of .NET 4.5 is you can use async await with WCF ! The services doesn’t need to be in .NET 4.5, only the client as it is in the proxy.   When you add your service reference be sure to check if the task bases asynchronous operations will be generated by the proxy. Click on advanced And check what kind of asynchronous operation [...]

Async methods return type

  One of the questions I am often asked about the async/await keywords is about the return type. Specifically about the void return type for async method. Here is a small explanation about the three possible return type :   Void If an async method returns void, it can’t be awaited. It is a “fire and forget” mode, where the async method will [...]

To //Build/ (Or not to //Build/)

  I was one of the lucky attendee at the Build 2 weeks ago for the presentation of Windows 8. With all those rumors about the future of .NET, Silverlight and the total secrecy of Microsoft (I suspect Steve Sinofsky worked for the CIA at some point) you can say I was very excited but also a bit anxious. In some way…it was worth the wait! Windows [...]