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Mobile Dev Day 2014 : a succes !

The Mobile Dev Day 2014 took place on Thursday, November 27th. We got bigger than last time : 2 tracks (one in French, one in English) 10 international speakers (8 MVPs, one from MS Corp (Scott Hanselman) on one MEET member) 250+ people showed up   We got very good feedback from attendees as nice ideas so we are motivated to do bigger and better [...]

Mobile Dev Day 2014

The story Back in 2013, some developers thought necessary to organize a new event. Something made BY developers, FOR developers. No marketing bullshit. Only technical sessions, with awesome speakers not afraid to put their hands deep into the code ! That’s how the Mobile Dev Day were born, a full-day of conferences dedicated to mobile & Microsoft [...]

Mobile Dev Day

  As you probably know, there was the WP Week organized by the WP MVP in October. It was a huge success. It even had an event in Nepal ! But no Belgium…I had to do something. I contacted Renaud Dumont, a fellow Belgian MVP that had the same thoughts. With some of his friend (Matthieu Vandenhende, another MVP) and Kevin Rapaille we decided to [...]