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Barcodes on MS Band

Yes, I know: Microsoft has (it seems) dropped the Band (sad!). But as the article was 95% ready, I didn’t want throw it 🙂 There is a way to display a bar code on the Band. To do this, simply add a control of type BarCode (Surprise!) in a layout. This layout accepts the barcode type 39 and Pdf417 The best way to show something is to make [...]

Debug made (almost) easy with DebugProxy

Dammit, an article that does not speak of mobile! With such a console application! Nothing goes right anymore in this world… No, I don’t change expertise, but, for once, this is a pure c# article, valid for any project, so for convenience I went in console mode. Debuging is sometimes…tedious Often, in fact. If you find values in complex [...]

SQLite for Metro/Windows Store app

  If you write Metro/Windows Store app, there is a lot of chance you will need a DB. There is nothing out of the box (no SQL Compact 2012 WinRT) but hopefully we have now a viable alternative : SQLite.   Installation The installation is in two parts. The first is mandatory (Installation of the SQLite engine) and the second is not (a C# wrapper for [...]

(Fore)Closure of a dream

A typical beginner pitfall (as well as a classic interview question) is the closure problem. What is closure? Consider this code : var list = new List(); Console.WriteLine("Closure problem.nn"); for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { list.Add(new Action(() => Console.WriteLine("Value : " + i))); } foreach (var action in list) { action(); }   Here [...]