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Impressions of HoloLens

I was at //build/ last week and I had the chance to get into the HoloLens Academy. What is the HoloLens academy? It is a course delivered by the HoloLens team. An introduction to development on HoloLens. The places were very limited and, as you can imagine, there was a rush. Everybody wanted to try those enigmatic glasses. I had problem registering, [...]

One more year !

Good news beginning of this month! Most important, I got this April 1st (and it’s not a joke ): Je tiens à nouveau à t’adresser personnellement toutes mes félicitations pour ton renouvellement au programme  Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional! Je suis ravie de passer une nouvelle année à tes côtés, et tiens à te remercier de tes [...]

//BUILD/ Day 4

Last day of //Build/…following session at 8:30 when coming back from party at 1AM. Such commitment deserved a Surface + Lumia 920… Session of the day : Deep dive into the kernel of .NET on Windows Phone 8 Nice session ! Wasn’t head breaking as I was fearing, especially this early! This to know : WP8 is not using compact framework but CoreCLR [...]

//BUILD/ Day 3

Sleepy…My posts will become more and more raws… Sessions today : Windows Phone 8: Maps, Location, and Background Execution for Developers Location API Same as Win8. More accuracy you ask, the more the method will take time. Two mode : continuous or single request. Tips : use the single request method, use cache, use the right accuracy needed [...]

///BUILD/ Day 2

Windows Phone day today ! I played a bit with the 920. Wow. No other words… I played late in the night, feel tired, so this post will be concise 🙂 I don’t want to overdo and miss tonight Beer Fest 😉 The sessions I followed : WP8 Critical developer practices for delivering outstanding apps It talk about 5 practices : Crash analysis The [...]

//BUILD/ Day 1

Ok, first day of Build conference. I will not talk about the keynote, you saw it certainly. WE WILL GET A SURFACE AND A NOKIA 920!!!! I said it, it is done. No pictures of the keynote as I had technical problems (ok, I forgot the SD card at hotel) The sessions I went : Windows 8 application model. Interesting session to get an overview for some of very [...]

//BUILD/ Day 0

  Arrived late afternoon in Redmond. After a quick refresh, heading for building 92, where registration takes place. A HUGE line in front. I was surprised because the registration for BUILD 2011 was so smooth and I though we would be in small comitee. Anyway after a while I got the magic key for the conference. Next stop, the Mixers building for the [...]

To //Build/ (Or not to //Build/)

  I was one of the lucky attendee at the Build 2 weeks ago for the presentation of Windows 8. With all those rumors about the future of .NET, Silverlight and the total secrecy of Microsoft (I suspect Steve Sinofsky worked for the CIA at some point) you can say I was very excited but also a bit anxious. In some way…it was worth the wait! Windows [...]