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30 Sep, 2016

Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this client (yy)

I recently had this very explicit error message (he seems write cryptic messages is part of the specification now): “Genymotion ADB server version (xx) doesn’t match this customer (yy)”. The error comes from the fact that the ADB used by Genymotion is not the same as that used by Xamarin (which is installed with the Android SDK). To [...]

21 Aug, 2016

DEP 0600 while deploying a Windows Phone app

A stupid thing that happened to me several times and, because of the cryptic message, makes me lose time. It is the VS error message “ ” Error DEP0600 Can not deploy or debug it device “. ” It may come with a very explicit “Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument [...]

19 Jun, 2016

DEP0001 : Unexpected Error:–2145615869 while deploying on Hololens

I have sometimes (read : often) the following error when I deploy an app on HoloLens : DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -2145615869 It is VS that “lost” the connection to Hololens. The only way I found to fix this error is to restart VS. Convenient… To avoid getting this error too often, and since it happens mostly when the device enter [...]

9 Jun, 2016

How to detect if UWP app is running on Hololens

OK, I am gonna sound like Captain Obvious on this one ! You just have to check the DeviceFamily. If it is “Windows.Holographic” then you are on Hololens (The only holographic device out for the moment) Here is a state trigger : using Windows.System.Profile; using Windows.UI.Xaml; namespace DetectHololens { public class HololensStateTrigger [...]

7 Jun, 2016

DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001

Just a (very) small post. Recently I met, when I started to try debug a Windows Phone app, this error at deploy error: DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001 It just means you have already the same application installed from the Store on your phone. And that, Visual Studio doesn’t like. Just uninstall it and everything will work [...]

3 May, 2016

vstest.console.exe tfs logger unauthorized access

I had a small problem a few days ago with my unit tests. I run them by hand with vstest.console.exe and sends it the direct relationship to VSTS using the /logger:TfsPublisher switch. Everything was fine until, suddenly, the drama. Unable to publish : vstest.console started to have a problem each time: “Error: Exception occurred while initializing [...]

4 Apr, 2016

Dynamically change the language of a universal app

When writing a multi-language application, it is always nice to offer the user the choice of the language used. It’s even more fun when this is done on the fly, without having to restart the application, let’s see how. Change the language Not too complicated. Let’s just change the language of the application through the property PrimaryLanguageOverride [...]

25 Nov, 2015

Debug made (almost) easy with DebugProxy

Dammit, an article that does not speak of mobile! With such a console application! Nothing goes right anymore in this world… No, I don’t change expertise, but, for once, this is a pure c# article, valid for any project, so for convenience I went in console mode. Debuging is sometimes…tedious Often, in fact. If you find values in complex [...]

19 Nov, 2015

Clipping XAML controls

For an application (RPG Dice) I had to make an animation where a text is “disapearing” when moving below a line. Like this : The problem is most of the control don’t clip their content. So, if we animate it, we got something like this : How do we clip, then? Well the solution is simple. FrameworkElement has a Clip property. It is a rectangle, [...]

9 Sep, 2015

Using DeviceFamily to create device adaptive layouts

An UWP application can run on a huge range of devices. And screens. From a small screen of a few centimeters to the Surface Hub over-the-top-screen. Of course, Microsoft provided to us, modest developers some tools on WinRT for adaptive design. The StateTrigger (which will be the subject of an article soon), comes to mind. But sometimes, for one reason [...]