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Create NDepend rules with technical debt

Following the article on technical debt in NDepend, I thought it would be good to show that you can create yourself custom rules with a value for technical debt. NDepend uses CQLinq to create its own rules. The language is based on the Linq (who would have though?), so it is familiar. As example, I will create a rule that checks at if there are no [...]

Calculating technical debt with NDepend

For once we leave development with a bit of devops (in the broad sense). NDepend ( is a great tool that allows quality control on the code. It does not scan the source code itself, but make an analysis of the executables or libraries generated. He gives us an amount of info, like complexity, graph of dependencies, rules and best practices [...]

DEP0001 : Unexpected Error:–2145615869 while deploying on Hololens

I have sometimes (read : often) the following error when I deploy an app on HoloLens : DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -2145615869 It is VS that “lost” the connection to Hololens. The only way I found to fix this error is to restart VS. Convenient… To avoid getting this error too often, and since it happens mostly when the device enter [...]

DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001

Just a (very) small post. Recently I met, when I started to try debug a Windows Phone app, this error at deploy error: DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001 It just means you have already the same application installed from the Store on your phone. And that, Visual Studio doesn’t like. Just uninstall it and everything will work [...]

Using DeviceFamily to create device adaptive layouts

An UWP application can run on a huge range of devices. And screens. From a small screen of a few centimeters to the Surface Hub over-the-top-screen. Of course, Microsoft provided to us, modest developers some tools on WinRT for adaptive design. The StateTrigger (which will be the subject of an article soon), comes to mind. But sometimes, for one reason [...]