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Detecting Continuum mode

One of the specific feature of W10M, unmatched by other mobile OS is Continuum. What is the Continuum? Basically, this is a feature of some Windows 10 Mobile phones (the Lumia 950 and 950XL, for instance) that turns the phone into a sort of mini PC. It is a way to add secondary screen via a dock (HD-500, for example, that also allows to add a mouse [...]

DEP 0600 while deploying a Windows Phone app

A stupid thing that happened to me several times and, because of the cryptic message, makes me lose time. It is the VS error message “ ” Error DEP0600 Can not deploy or debug it device “. ” It may come with a very explicit “Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument [...]

Mobile Dev Day 2014 : a succes !

The Mobile Dev Day 2014 took place on Thursday, November 27th. We got bigger than last time : 2 tracks (one in French, one in English) 10 international speakers (8 MVPs, one from MS Corp (Scott Hanselman) on one MEET member) 250+ people showed up   We got very good feedback from attendees as nice ideas so we are motivated to do bigger and better [...]

Enable Two-way binding with MVVMCross

  A quick tip. On a Xamarin Android project with MVVMCross, I had to make some binding on the DisplayedChild property of a ViewFlipper. I needed a two-way binding, but it didn’t work. After some reading, I understood how binding is working : – For one way binding, it uses Reflection to get the property (DisplayedChild in my case) – For [...]

Mobile Dev Day 2014

The story Back in 2013, some developers thought necessary to organize a new event. Something made BY developers, FOR developers. No marketing bullshit. Only technical sessions, with awesome speakers not afraid to put their hands deep into the code ! That’s how the Mobile Dev Day were born, a full-day of conferences dedicated to mobile & Microsoft [...]

Changing app theme on the fly with RequestedTheme

  Windows 8.1 (and WP 8.1 XAML and Universal apps) have this new XAML markup : ThemeResource To make it short, it is like the StaticResource but with a little bit of dynamism. If you change the theme at runtime, the property will be updated. A theme is just a resource dictionary with a specific key (Valid key, for Universal Apps are “Light” and [...]

HAXM / Genymotion installation on Surface Pro 2

Anyone who is doing Android development knows this : the emulators are slower than Java (which is a huge achievement). In order to have something useable, you can either install the Intel HAXM drivers and use the x86 images of the emulator, or install Genymotion emulators.   So I tried the HAXM drivers, but I got this message when I am installing it [...]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Task

  Amongst the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight), there is a new background task : the Update Task. As the name suggest, it is a background task that is run when the application is updated. If you need to update some data, settings, etc… when you update your app, this is for you.   Implementing the Update Task I will show an example [...]

Fun with WP 8.1 Action Center

We finally have a Notification Action Center with Windows Phone 8.1, let’s see how we can get some action on it (pun more or less attended) A little recap on the Action Center : The toasts notifications will appear there. They will stay for 7 days maximum 20 notifications per app maximum (FIFO) For more detailed information, check this //build/ [...]

The Mobile Dev Day organize the //publish/ event in Belgium

  The Mobile Dev Day team is organizing //publish/ in Belgium, at the MIC Mons on May 16th. This is the post of my buddy Kevin that I shamefully copied (original in French here: ) We are looking for you !   This 15 and 16 of May, Microsoft is organizing a worldwide [...]