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Autolayout with Fluentlayout

  I am currently developing some iOS app with Xamarin. I wanted to use Autolayout for the UI as it is the modern way. Besides, I like those “reactive” layout. Autolayout is not the most intuitive (at least for me ) so I was looking for something to make it easier. I found this, Fluentlayout. As it is developed by the author of MvvmCross, I know [...]

Xamarin Forms behaviors

A new thing in Xamarin Forms 1.3 is the behaviors. The behaviors are a kind of super attached property. You can see it as a independent reusable functionality you can add to existing controls as you want. You don’t need to subclass the control, it is just like a piece you clip on the control.   As example, I’ll make a behavior that executes a command [...]