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Import ResX to XLF

I used the Multilingual Tool on a project, but the team sent me the translations not in the xlf file but in a resx file. I didn’t found any tool that could import the values from the resx into the xlf. After some search on the internet, I found some code in a forum that do what I need. (I couldn’t find the forum anymore, if you are the author, contact [...]

Could not load type in release mode (Xamarin)

I got a weird problem with a Xamarin Android app today. In debug mode, it works. In release, I have a weird exception “Could not load type System.Guid”. The problem is with the linker. Sometimes it “forget” to include some types. You can reproduce it in debug mode by copying the same linker release settings to the debug settings. Mainly : and With [...]

Mobile Dev Day 2014 : a succes !

The Mobile Dev Day 2014 took place on Thursday, November 27th. We got bigger than last time : 2 tracks (one in French, one in English) 10 international speakers (8 MVPs, one from MS Corp (Scott Hanselman) on one MEET member) 250+ people showed up   We got very good feedback from attendees as nice ideas so we are motivated to do bigger and better [...]