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HAXM / Genymotion installation on Surface Pro 2

Anyone who is doing Android development knows this : the emulators are slower than Java (which is a huge achievement). In order to have something useable, you can either install the Intel HAXM drivers and use the x86 images of the emulator, or install Genymotion emulators.   So I tried the HAXM drivers, but I got this message when I am installing it [...]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Task

  Amongst the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 (Silverlight), there is a new background task : the Update Task. As the name suggest, it is a background task that is run when the application is updated. If you need to update some data, settings, etc… when you update your app, this is for you.   Implementing the Update Task I will show an example [...]