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Mobile Dev Day

  As you probably know, there was the WP Week organized by the WP MVP in October. It was a huge success. It even had an event in Nepal ! But no Belgium…I had to do something. I contacted Renaud Dumont, a fellow Belgian MVP that had the same thoughts. With some of his friend (Matthieu Vandenhende, another MVP) and Kevin Rapaille we decided to [...]

IoC and DI with MVVM Light

  Maybe there is “light” in MVVMLight name, but that doesn’t mean the framework is austere. For instance, there is even a simple IoC container in the MVVMLight framework. Guess how it is called…IocLight ?  Wrong answer ! It is called SimpleIoc (Why is that? You can ask Laurent 😉 ). As the name state, it is simple. But nevertheless [...]

Mocking class with internal constructor

  When unit testing, you often have to mock object. Sometimes, you’ll even have to mock classes that don’t have public constructor (Hello EF !) There are several ways to get around that, I’ll show you some techniques. Test class Here is my test class : public class InternalConstructorClass { public string Text { get; [...]