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Nokia Developer Champion

  Got a nice email from Nokia last week : they awarded me the Nokia Developer Champion title ! It was an amazing surprise, thanks to the Nokia team ! So, what is the Nokia Developer Champion (NDC) program ? Well, you can see it as the MVP program for Nokia. It is also awarded for 1 year renewable. The key benefits are : Nokia recognition A device [...]

Awaitable WCF calls with TaskCompletionSource

  A nice little gem of the TPL is the TaskCompletionSource. It creates a Task you can control from outside the task. Example : I create a new TaskCompetionSource : var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource(); I get the Task from it : tcs.Task I can set the Task result this way : tcs.TrySetResult(true); You can set an exception like this : tcs.TrySetException(new [...]