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Raw Notifications on Windows Phone 8

  Let’s talk about a kind of notification that is not as much known as its siblings Tile or Toast but that can be also very useful : the Raw Notification. What is it? Well it is the third kind if push notification. The characteristics are : It is not visual, it is just data pushed to your application. There is no fixed format, you can send anything [...]

Windows Phone authenticated push notifications

  There are 2 limitation of the basic push notifications on windows phone : Limited to 500 notifications per day per subscription (which should be ok for most of us) Notification is not encrypted   If you want to lift those limitations, you need to use authenticated push notifications. There are 5 steps to follow : Buy a certificate Install the [...]

Lockscreen counter and text on Windows Phone 8

  Time now kind of follow-up on my article about dynamic lock screen. Not only you can set the background, but your app can also provide some information to the user (If the user added it on the lock screen)   The two kind of information you can show on lock screen are a counter and a text. Basically, it is a dispatch of the text/counter of your primary [...]