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WACK certification failure

  Some days ago, I sent an application to the Windows Store. It didn’t pass the WACK (Windows App Certification Kit), giving those errors : Crashes and hangs test   PASSED                App launch tests FAILED                 Crashes and hangs                                   • [...]

//BUILD/ Day 4

Last day of //Build/…following session at 8:30 when coming back from party at 1AM. Such commitment deserved a Surface + Lumia 920… Session of the day : Deep dive into the kernel of .NET on Windows Phone 8 Nice session ! Wasn’t head breaking as I was fearing, especially this early! This to know : WP8 is not using compact framework but CoreCLR [...]

//BUILD/ Day 3

Sleepy…My posts will become more and more raws… Sessions today : Windows Phone 8: Maps, Location, and Background Execution for Developers Location API Same as Win8. More accuracy you ask, the more the method will take time. Two mode : continuous or single request. Tips : use the single request method, use cache, use the right accuracy needed [...]

///BUILD/ Day 2

Windows Phone day today ! I played a bit with the 920. Wow. No other words… I played late in the night, feel tired, so this post will be concise 🙂 I don’t want to overdo and miss tonight Beer Fest 😉 The sessions I followed : WP8 Critical developer practices for delivering outstanding apps It talk about 5 practices : Crash analysis The [...]