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//BUILD/ Day 1

Ok, first day of Build conference. I will not talk about the keynote, you saw it certainly. WE WILL GET A SURFACE AND A NOKIA 920!!!! I said it, it is done. No pictures of the keynote as I had technical problems (ok, I forgot the SD card at hotel) The sessions I went : Windows 8 application model. Interesting session to get an overview for some of very [...]

//BUILD/ Day 0

  Arrived late afternoon in Redmond. After a quick refresh, heading for building 92, where registration takes place. A HUGE line in front. I was surprised because the registration for BUILD 2011 was so smooth and I though we would be in small comitee. Anyway after a while I got the magic key for the conference. Next stop, the Mixers building for the [...]

SQLite for Metro/Windows Store app

  If you write Metro/Windows Store app, there is a lot of chance you will need a DB. There is nothing out of the box (no SQL Compact 2012 WinRT) but hopefully we have now a viable alternative : SQLite.   Installation The installation is in two parts. The first is mandatory (Installation of the SQLite engine) and the second is not (a C# wrapper for [...]