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Rx Reactive Framework 101 (Part I)

Introduction A little bit by chance, I heard about a new Reactive Framework for .NET. I was a little bit curious, and the least you can say is I wasn’t disappointed at all ! It is a Push model framework using IObservable, the opposite to the good old Pull model of IEnumerable. To install the framework, you can use NuGet or from the Rx team website. A [...]

Magnificent 7

First of all, a happy new year to my beloved readers (If there is any).Quite a busy January,that explains the lack of updates. I was quite busy playing with the Windows Phone 7. Well, to be precise, playing with WP7 application development, as I don’t have a phone yet! (There are some rumour the mighty HTC Pro 7 will be out in a few days (27th [...]