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MEF 101 : Part II (Silverlight)

Introduction In the part I, I talked about the basic of MEF. Now, I will show you some Silverlight-specific feature of that nice framework. When I was playing around, I wondered if there was an easy way to have a download on demand of the parts. In WPF, we can consider the parts are installed on the hard drive. With Silverlight, we have the internet [...]

MEF 101 : Part I

Introduction After a session I followed in TechEd 2010, and the release of PRISM 4.0, it was time for me to really get into Managed Extensibility Framework. So here is a little article that sums up my experience using it. The basics The idea of MEF is to have an easy plugin (called parts) system for .NET. We can divide MEF in 3 parts : Export : The [...]

Hello World!

At last, my blog is open! I wanted to make my development blog a long time ago. But you know work. Now I have a little break I can finally do something for the .NET community, who helped me a lot. What this blog will be about? Well mostly C#, WPF, Silverlight, Phone 7, TPL, F# (What a plan!) I am a little sad I had to use PHP and WordPress instead of [...]