30th October 2012 Olivier

//BUILD/ Day 0


Arrived late afternoon in Redmond. After a quick refresh, heading for building 92, where registration takes place. A HUGE line in front. I was surprised because the registration for BUILD 2011 was so smooth and I though we would be in small comitee.

Anyway after a while I got the magic key for the conference.

Next stop, the Mixers building for the attendee welcome party and the hackaton. Very cool place, tons of food, drinks and a live band.



Ok, my pictures a bit blurry 🙂

Didn’t have time to really enjoy as I got an invitation for the

Nokia diner

Was quite excited about the dinner. But couldn’t get much information (But I played with a Nokia 920 and an HTC 8).

Only thing I got is the WP8 SDK is out tomorrow and there will be a Nokia developer program “which delivers up to $1500 worth of benefits for $99 per year”. We’ll know more at the keynote.

First impressions

My first impressions ? Build 2011 was amazing. Build 2012 will be epic ! I cannot explain, but everything feels way bigger than last Build. Except the number of attendees. I don’t have numbers but from what I’ve heard it is between 2000 and 3000. Compared  to 5000 for Build 2011.


Tomorrow the real fun begins ! With better pictures 😉

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