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Barcodes on MS Band

Yes, I know: Microsoft has (it seems) dropped the Band (sad!). But as the article was 95% ready, I didn’t want throw it 🙂

There is a way to display a bar code on the Band. To do this, simply add a control of type BarCode (Surprise!) in a layout. This layout accepts the barcode type 39 and Pdf417

The best way to show something is to make a little app. There are quite a few possible use, I’ll show a classic: having the bar code from your cinema ticket on your Band.

Let’s start

Just create a new UWP app and add the SDK Band Nuget package to the project.

Then I’ll initialize a BandClientManager

After, I created a few functions to manage the Band.

Here, I look at whether the tile is already installed on the Band. If not, I create the tile, and I add a page (which will serve as a template for the data I will send later). This page is quite simple: the title of the film, time, and finally the bar code.

You can see here that I added a BarCode control.

The client app

The client application is simple. It displays a list of movies with an hour. When you select one, it is added to the Band. For data, I use a Movie class:

The XAML of the page :


Which gives :


Sending data

When a movie is selected, we add it to the Band :


Here is the function that sends data to the Band

I put these data in objects (BarcodeDate or WrappedTextBlockData, depend on the control). I put them in a PageData, with the GUID of the page and the layout index (here 0, that is to say the first page).

Then, just send it to the Band. And it gives:


Very basic app, but already cool, no?


Too bad, this abandonment of the Band by Microsoft, there was potential. But nothing says that the range will not revive someday.

The github project: https://github.com/Guruumeditation/Article-BarcodeBand

In the “Docs” directory, there are the Band SDK documentation. If you want to have the SDK, the best thing to do is to check the DropBox of Rudy Hyun : https://t.co/yLt17vEnt3

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