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  • Async/Await with WCF

    Tags: .NET 4.5, WCP, Async

    A nice little feature of .NET 4.5 is you can use async await with WCF ! The services doesn’t need to be in .NET 4.5, only the client as it is in the proxy.   When you add your service reference … more

  • Async/Await avec WCF

    Tags: .NET 4.5, WCP, Async

    Un petit truc sympa de .NET 4.5 est qu’on peut utiliser async await avec WCF ! Les services n’ont pas besoin d’être en .NET 4.5, seulement le client, vu que ça se passe dans le proxy.   Quand … more

  • Async methods return type

    Tags: .NET 4.5, WinRT, Async


    One of the questions I am often asked about the async/await keywords is about the return type. Specifically about the void return type for async method. Here is a small explanation about the … more