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2013 MVP Summit

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Last week (Feb 18th to Feb 21st) the 2013 MVP Summit was held in Redmond and Bellevue. It was the 20th anniversary of the MVP program and we were around 1400 MVPs from all around the world. We were introduced to MVPs that were amongst the first to be awarded. 20 years as MVP, hard to imagine for me, as it is only my first year!

What can you except at the Summit? Well…Information (Under NDA most of the time), networking (With PG or other MVPs) and, very important, FUN! We had great interaction with the teams, so we can provide them face to face feedbacks.


                    Reception on the first day…                                                                            Brazil was in the place !

It is a great time, hanging around with the MS team and all those MVPs. I felt like walking amongst the gods (Like a fellow MVP told me)!

Basically the sessions are held on the Bellevue Hyatt conference center, or in the Microsoft Campus. All the C# sessions were on the Hyatt. Quite convenient, as I was staying there. But too bad I didn’t had time to go to the Campus. I was there during the Build 2012, and I hope I’ll have the chance to go there again next Summit. Alway nice to visit THE place where everything is created.

Most of sessions are NDA, so I can’t tell anything except some BIG things are coming for C# and Windows Phone. Stay tuned for the official announcements.

During the Summit Party, at Century Field, we had chance to network and also do some sport (A healthy mind in a healthy body)


                                 Firework @ Century Field                                                             The Field itself, with the activities


                                       Live karaoke                                                                 In case you didn’t know…MVPs are here!

I would like to say a big hello to some fellas I met over there: Jonathan, Samuel, Kevin, Jason, Joost, Rob, Martine,etc…. You know who you are! And a though also for Loïc who, at the last moment, couldn’t join us. Hope to see you all next year!


More info/photos on the official MVP Award blog or the 2013 MVP Summit website or the facebook group of the french speaking MVPs at the Summit

I will put more pics/video on mu flickr account later

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