Executing Javascript in a Webview from C#

Dec 21

For a small personal project, I had to use a webview, and I had to get the HTML of the loaded page. It’s very basic, but I’m not used to working with WebViews. In fact it is pretty simple, you just need to execute this javascript “document.documentElement.outerHTML”. How to run it from C #? Easily, […]..Read more

Progressbar dependant animation

Nov 06

For a project, I had to animate a ProgressBar. The Value property, to be precise. Nothing special, really. The XAML: And the animation code : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/graphics/storyboarded-animations Can’t be easier. I run it, and appreciate a job well done : Rien. Nada. Nothing. No animation … Because I was made like a beginner: This animation is […]..Read more

Dynamic ExpressionAnimation with Composition API

Mar 31

I talked about KeyFrame animations in a previous article. Composition API also has another type of animation: Expression animation. With this animation, we will not set keyframes, but a mathematical formula which will define our animation. For example “3 * x + 10”, where x is a parameter passed to the animation. We can use […]..Read more

Spotlight animation with composition API

Mar 30

I’m having fun lately with Composition API. What is Composition API? These are APIs to manipulate the Visual Layer. It’s a graphic layer of lower level comparedto the Framework XAML. This allows optimized effects and animations The doc is good, you can see it here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/graphics/visual-layer I had little fun (on the Anniversary of 10 […]..Read more

Binding function with x:Bind

Mar 29

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update, there is a nice feature that has been added to the compiled binding (x: bind): there is a way bind to functions. Like this: Xaml: Code Author Details Twitter Contact Olivier Mobile and Mixed Reality engineer , Arcana Studio follow me @apthemes Follow apthemes Ripple Pro – One Page […]..Read more

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